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No Music, No Life ~
Know Music, Know Life

Born and raised for a time in Canada, Joe spent his formative years living, learning and performing in Central and Northern Illinois before making his way to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona where he lived and performed for 17 years.  As Harry Chapin sings, all my life's a circle, so it is that Joe is back home - reDiscovering Ontario.  

There have been some amazing people and moments leading up to now:
  • Touring on the College Circuit with friend and brother John "Little Bear" Eaton - including memorable show at Hollins College in Roanoke, VA
  • Opening for Tori Amos @ Boutell Concert Hall in DeKalb, IL 
  • Recording and/or sharing the stage in Chicago clubs and area shows with exceptional performers John Honey, Sven Hanson, Chris Pawola, Gerardo Raymundo Rosales, David Grossman, Brian Halverson, Dave Gustafson and the Milano Brothers. 
  • Meeting and having a brief chat with Paul McCartney in Chicago - and having a beer with Chicago 7's Abbie Hoffman following an appearance at Northern Illinois University
Yes, its fun once in awhile to recall and reflect ~ and yet so much meaningful where we are and where we're going...We live in a world of constant change, and music changes along with it, serving as the soundtrack to our lives while we figure things out.  Joe creates and performs music with integrity, heart and vision - and hopes to share a tune and sing with you along the way.  Cheers ! Joe

Live, Laugh, Love and Play

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